The appointment with Natural Language Processing is at 6 PM, in a web conference that will bring together some of the major experts on the subject.

For the AlmavivA group, PerVoice will be there, a leading company in the voice recognition technologies sector which has been part of Almawave since 2013.

CEO Paolo Paravento will speak on strategies and opportunities in the European scenario, as well as CTO Dario Franceschini, who will illustrate the European projects ELITR and EU-BRIDGE.

Find out more on the event website.

Paolo Paravento recently talked about the present and the future of voice recognition technologies with Enrico Pagliarini on the 2024 broadcast of Radio24, Sole24ore.

The interview includes discussion about the real time interpreting platform in 24 languages that translates the European Parliament sessions, voice recognition and digitalization software, speech analytics technologies and text analytics technologies.

“The ongoing challenge”, Paravento pointed out, “is to further perfect these innovative technologies thanks to neural networks, artificial intelligence and BigData in order to arrive at voice recognition systems even in open environments and in the presence of background noise or voices speaking on top of one another.”

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