The voice digital transformation Artificial Intelligence "Made in Italy" for automatic speech recognition with maximum effectiveness and accuracy SPEECH RECOGNITION State-of-the-art technology, on-premises and cloud, customizable according to customer needs Find out more AI based ASR for data-driven enterprises GLOBAL COVERAGE Over 40 languages ​​and handling of variations in pronunciation and writing Find out more Acoustic and linguistic models wide & narrow band customized for the customer's domain REAL TIME SUBTITLING Governance of the entire subtitling workflow Find out more An innovative all-in-one system to create and review subtitles in real time for any event BROADCAST MONITORING Automatic monitoring of TV and radio channels around the world h24/7 Find out more Capture the most relevant news for companies from radio and television broadcasts in real time REAL TIME REPORTING Direct text editing and scratchpad ready to use Find out more Immediate availability of the full transcript, with original audio/video sync