Our key role in the industries with turnkey solutions for specific business needs, in Italy and abroad

PerVoice solutions serving the citizens

For many years PerVoice has been alongside the Public Administration with exclusive solutions to promote and support innovation in the public service, with particular attention to breaking down sensory barriers.

PerVoice also develops open source Intelligence models which, starting from the collection and integration of various multimedia sources, transcribed and indexed, support the investigation activities in the National Defence and Public Security fields.

key factors


Real-time verbalization of hearings and councils


Multilingual translation and speech synthesis accessible from the web


Real-time subtitling of assemblies


Digital contents accessible for hearing and visually impaired


Automatic and accurate answers to citizens’ request


Publicly accessible multimedia storage


PerVoice solutions for Medical Reporting

Medical assistance has a deep impact on our lives and the demand for technological innovation by patients, staff and healthcare organizations is constantly growing to improve quality and efficiency.

PerVoice creates advanced dictation systems to support companies specialized in Medical Reporting, allowing medical staff to write the report simply dictating with computer or mobile devices, in real time or in batch mode.

key factors


Pathological language models customized


System active 24×7 even in off-line network


High accuracy and immediate availability of dictation

Efficiency and frankness of the reporting process

Customer Care

PerVoice solutions for Customer Experience

Speech Analytics

The full transcription and phone call analysis of the Contact Centers provide clear results with objective and measurable KPI, both of customer satisfaction level and of the agents’ operational performance.

PerVoice , integrated into Almawave’s Iride® suite, support Multichannel Customer Engagement, in real time to ensure effective self-caring automation in natural language, in batches to allow accurate data analysis, obtaining the complete picture of the ” Voice of the Customer “.

Conversational IVR

PerVoice makes available to the market the most innovative and efficient transcription and speech synthesis technology for conversational agents. By adopting the latest generation of neural networks and the ability to tune models tailored to the customer’s business needs, Audioma® IVR technology guarantees the best market performance.

key factors


Real time dialogue understanding


Integral analysis of the content of telephone conversations

Contact automation and operational efficiency

Speakers’ anonymization and morphing

Media & Communication

PerVoice solutions for Broadcast Monitoring

Broadcast Monitoring services help companies catch fundamental information for their business, adopting voice recognition technologies to intercept the enormity of live content made available by radio and television broadcasters worldwide.

Immediate availability and accuracy of the speech transcription, obtainable only thanks to the development and updating of peculiar language models, are key factors for the effectiveness use of the service.

PerVoice is the technological partner of major news agencies and leading companies in the world of radio and television monitoring, providing vital support for multilingual transcription and multimedia contents indexing of Broadcasts.

TVEyes Language Technology is the joint venture between TVEyes Inc. and PerVoice,  created to extend radio and television broadcasts monitoring worldwide, in any language, thanks to the continuous development and tuning of language models typical for Broadcast market.

key factors

Accurate voice recognition of TV, Radio and Podcast content


Automatic alerts based on pre-established interest criteria

Transcript delivery within minutes of broadcasting

Multilingual service availability 24×7

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

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