PerVoice makes its technology available to the market through an ecosystem of products available on Cloud and On-Premise



The speech recognition technology that transforms speech into audio-synchronised text

Audioma® is the advanced speech understanding system that makes the content of any voice sequence available, both in real time and deferred.

Thanks to the MS Word add-on developed by PerVoice, Audioma® allows to refine and customize the transcription automatically obtained. The final output is a pdf file containing the text synchronized to the spoken word, freely distributable and accessible without the need for proprietary plug-in.

Audioma® can be installed on a stand-alone server or customer’s grid and has APIs for integration with third-party software.

Audioma® can be used both for specialized / technical vocabularies (e.g. medical and legal sectors) and for generalist domains (e.g. Broadcasting and Contact Center).

Maximum accuracy and quality of transcription

Automation, efficiency and time savings

Customization of linguistic models

Audioma® IVR

The system that enables self-caring customer-company voice interaction

Audioma® IVR is the PerVoice‘s technology for real-time speech recognition, used by IVR systems in Contact Center for automated interaction with customers.

Audioma® IVR natively integrate tools for use and customization of generalist Large Vocabulary language models and W3C standard grammars.

The Audioma® IVR acoustic model adapter recognize multilingual speech with extreme precision, even in the presence of noisy environmental conditions.

The Audioma® IVR dispatcher distribute the processing of the audio signal on the ASR calculation nodes and the compilation of the GRXML grammars, allowing the system scalability.

Speech recognition accuracy at the highest and most innovative levels on the market

Support for VoiceXML and MRCPv2 standards

High reliability and multi-node scalability


Verbamatic® Steno

The real-time automatic reporting platform

Verbamatic® Steno is the all-in-one platform developed by PerVoice that in a single application enables transcription, editing, real-time reporting and final text revision.

Verbamatic® Steno represents a valid support to steno typists’ activities and the staff in charge for verbalizing and reviewing the meeting documents.

Thanks to PerVoice technology for reporting, it is possible to automatically acquire the audio of the assembly and have immediate availability of the integral transcription with original synchronized audio.

Verbamatic® Steno produces transcripts of parliamentary sessions, conferences, public administration assemblies, business meetings.

Reduction of errors and drafting of the minutes

Minimization of loss of relevant information

Quick check of the accuracy and authenticity of the transcription


Digital Archive

The indexing and search platform for audio / video content

Verbamatic® Digital Archive is the automatic indexing platform for audio/video media developed by PerVoice, which after transcribing the speech into text promote the search for the contents of interest.

Verbamatic® Digital Archive highlights the occurrences of the searched terms, retrieves the specific portion of the dialogue of interest, maintains the synchrony between transcribed text and audio.

Verbamatic® Digital Archive enables the extraction of data from open sources of the web and radio and television channels, providing valid support for the platforms for analyzing market trends, brand reputation and alerting on specific topics.

Verbamatic® Digital Archive is used for the retrieval of speech content within the multimedia repositories of companies, for the research of the topics of interest that emerged during the meeting, for the monitoring of radio and television broadcasters, and the creation of historical digital archives.

Instant access to search results

APIs for transcription extraction and media-metadata

User-friendly web interface


FlyScribe® Cloud

The “all-in-one” portal for voice transcription, subtitling and translation of audio/video

FlyScribe® Cloud is the web portal developed by PerVoice for automatic voice transcription of audio/video files, which allows the creation of permanently synchronized text files with the original audio.

In addition to speech-to-text transcription, FlyScribe® Cloud manage the automatic subtitling, translation and text-to-speech features for the creation of Audio Guide.

FlyScribe® Cloud integrate the revision tools developed by PerVoice, both to refine the transcribed texts and to refine the subtitle outputs, to complete the production workflow.

FlyScribe® Cloud is used in self-service mode on the web, integrated on the customer’s systems, or via APIs.

All-in-one: transcription, subtitling, translation and text-to-speech

Integrated editing and revision workflow

Wide availability of output formats (ask for the formats of your interest)

.FlyScribe® Transcriptor

The on-premises system for automatic voice transcription

FlyScribe® Transcriptor is the modular system developed by PerVoice which enables the automatic transcription of speech and the production of documents relating to any event on-site.

FlyScribe® Transcriptor is distributed through a pre-configured plug & play appliance or with integration into the existing infrastructure.

FlyScribe® Transcriptor guarantees the highest levels of discretion, confidentiality and integrity of information compliant with market standards.

The services made available by FlyScribe® Transcriptor are used in assembly events, meetings, conferences.

Interface with user authentication

Immediate availability of the complete transcription with original synchronized audio

Modular expandability to enable additional features (e.g. dictation, subtitling, …)

PerVoice Subtitling Workstation

PerVoice Subtitling Workstation

The system for live subtitling of any event

PerVoice Subtitling Workstation (PSW) is the solution developed by PerVoice that allows the creation of accurate subtitles in real time.

An innovative interface speeds up the correction of automatic transcription, allowing the live editing of the subtitles a few seconds before their publication.

PSW connects to the most common subtitling systems, allowing event organizers, or television broadcasters, to control the entire subtitling process.

PSW is an appreciated support for people with hearing impairments, promoting a model of social inclusion and equal opportunities.

Accuracy and publication time of the subtitles at the highest levels

Availability of texts in synchronized document output

Model of social inclusion and equal opportunities

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

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