The 11th EUROSAI Congress ended today, the first one to be held entirely online. The “3E-3C-3I” was the message and at the same time the summary of topics discussed during the Congress. 3E translates to Effectiveness, Efficiency and Economy and here the main focus was on precise approaches and corresponding costs to obtain the maximum results in the field of auditing. 3C means Communication, Cooperation and Comparison between the members of the congress and the institutions they represent. And finally, 3Is are Information, Innovation and Interaction – a focus on the data collected by public administrations and their unexplored potential in terms of new tools and technologies. 

EUROSAI strongly believes that there is still an unexplored potential in international cooperation and mutual exchange of data and that thanks to modern technologies it would be possible to overcome the difficulties of communication between institutions. 

And this is where the ELITR project stands. Thanks to the successful collaboration with the Czech Supreme Audit Office, on 14/04/2021 ELITR consortium was able to provide a real-time transcription and translation service for the Plenary General Session. During the session, 50 delegates of the Supreme Audit Institutions had access to real-time transcriptions and translations in 42 languages provided through an online platform. A difficult test that has crowned efforts of two years’ work of the project team. And which, despite of the setup difficulties and restrictions due to the Covid-19 regulations, has once again demonstrated the potential of collaboration between prestigious European Universities and private companies in the ASR and videoconference sector. 

Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who ever worked on the ELITR project and who made it possible to provide this incredible service. 

ELITR is a European Project project funded by Horizon 2020 program. Its goal is to remove the language barrier in communication within and among European citizens, companies, institutes and organizations at large assemblies like conferences, workshops and online meetings. Take a look at the project website: 

EUROSAI is the European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions. It was established in 1990 and currently has 50 members. In 2017, SAI of Turkey took over 3-year presidency from Netherlands (which was afterwards extended for an additional year due to covid-19 pandemic) and in 2021, the presidency passed to the Czech Supreme Audit Office as a result of successful candidacy in 2017. The objectives of the organisation are to promote professional cooperation among member SAIs and other organisations, to encourage the exchange of information and documentation, or to work towards the harmonisation of terminology in the field of public sector auditing.