Rome Municipality, Generali, RAI and SKY Italia chose the subtitling systems of PerVoice to make all the informative contents accessible to everyone.

PerVoice was chosen by Generali, RAI, Rome Municipality and SKY Italy as their subtitling systems. RAI assigned to PerVoice the supply and the development of a semi-automatic subtitling platform for the Regional newscasting in experimental live and batch broadcasting productive processes.

PerVoice subtitles the Assemblea Capitolina (Rome Municipality) sessions in live streaming, side by side with the LIS (Sign Italian Language) and live video recording, allowing people with hearing disability to follow and participate more actively to the city’s politic activities.

PerVoice has also started a digital project with SKY Italia for the subtitling of video clips published on News, Sport and Entertainment editorial websites, in order to allow the media company to control every part of the productive process, thanks to the workflow integrated with their own back-end systems.

Moreover Generali Assicurazioni used PerVoice system during the shareholder meetings to allow immediate access to the contents for deaf and hard-of-hearing people or non-native Italian speakers and this allowed them to ask questions and enabled a real time vote.

“Working with such important Companies and Administrations is really gratifying and let us highlight the quality of our technologies which are moving in the right direction, focusing on the significant aspect of social inclusion within our projects” says Valeria Sandei, PerVoice’s vice-president and Almawave’s CEO.

“The Automatic Speech Recognition is an important tool to improve services and relations with citizens and clients. The social key role of our advanced technologies, based on next-generation systems that support over 30 languages, is considered crucial by today’s innovative realities” – says Paolo Paravento PerVoice’s CEO.