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Live SubtitlingPSW



The PerVoice Subtitling Workstation facilitates and makes it possible to do live subtitling of any video event with precision close to 100%.



Why PSW?

PSW gives you time-saving tools for live subtitling. The advanced user interface speeds up correction of automatic transcriptions and gives you a parallel respeaking system for passages where simultaneous speech, noise and use of dialect make automatic recognition difficult. PSW connects to broadcast subtitling software, giving broadcasters and event organizers complete control of the subtitling process.

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How does it work?

PSW is part of an end-to-end transcription system with four main parts:

  • Demo Center PSWAcquisition. Acquires the audio or video stream from a wide variety of sources (direct recording, DVB-T, DVB-S, and others). Prepares the audio, transcodes and sends a stream to other modules.
  • Real Time Transcription. Transcribes the audio signal using the reliable, customizable automatic transcription engine from PerVoice.
  • Workstation. Users prepare, edit and format subtitles based on automatic transcriptions and respeaking. The advanced user interface consists of the PSW software package, two touch-screen monitors, two keyboards, two foot-pedals and two headsets with professional microphones.
  • Dispatching. Manages the subtitling format and timing. The module interacts with a variety of subtitling systems. 

newsDEFinternaHow can it be integrated?

  • PSW can work with virtually any broadcast and conference subtitling system.
  • The system is available for use with many languages.
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