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Medical Reporting

PerVoice provides enabling technology to a number of companies specialized in the field of Medical Reporting. These companies provide dictation systems specifically designed to allow doctors to immediately write their medical reports.

Pervoice medical reporting partners offer these types of services:

  • Interactive transcription. In this case, the doctor speaks into a microphone, dictaphone or other recording device, and sees the transcription output on screen immediately. Interactive transcription accelerates the report generation process, which greatly benefits the patient and which can lead to a significant cost reduction in terms of personnel dedicated to typing and reviewing the documents.
  • Deferred transcription. With this solution, the doctor’s voice is recorded and later transcribed automatically. The transcription is then passed to specialized personnel for verification. By speeding up the "typing" process through automatic transcription, a hospital or medical practice can entrust medical reporting to a smaller number of qualified staff.
  • Mobile dictation. Here, the dictation devise is a smart phone or iPad instead of a microphone. The verification process is very similar to deferred transcription.

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