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About us

PerVoice SpA develops and markets speech recognition technologies for use in industries such as broadcasting, media monitoring, call centers, health care and reporting. The PerVoice Speech-to-Text Engine – based on research at Fondazione Bruno Kessler – provides speaker-independent transcriptions in multiple languages. The system can use very large vocabularies and is robust enough to recognize and ignore many kinds of background noise, making it useful in non-studio conditions, as well.

PerVoice transcription solutions add value to traditional audio or Audio/Visual files by permanently synchronizing text with audio. You can create Audio/Visual indexes and search for keywords, easily correct and certify transcriptions, automate subtitling and closed-captioning processes, find out what customers are thinking when they talk to a Call Center operator, and analyze content for word use and frequency. You can also integrate PerVoice products with other upstream and downstream IT solutions.

PerVoice SpA is a private company controlled by Almawave, a company of the Almaviva Group, a leading Italian ICT Group. Other stakeholders include public and private investors, research institutions and managers.



  • Stenotyping Workstation has been released: real time verbalization software for assembly reviews such as court hearings, institutional councils and meetings.


  • The languages: Indian English, Urdu, Swiss Italian, Austrian German, Flemish, Greek, French Canadian, Austrian German, Farsi, Swiss French, Swiss German, Colombian Spanish has been released.
  • PerVoice develops its own Interactive Voice Recognition system which can be integrated using the MRCP protocol, that also introduces GRXML and SISR as standard languages respectively for grammar definition and semantic post-processing.
  • AUDIOMA™, the new PerVoice product, has been released. AUDIOMA® integrates into a single product deferred and real time transcription, IVR, automatic subtitling and translations (8 languages available). It's distributed for CentOS 7 and provides a new administration interface complete with graphic dashboard for configuration and reporting of the main system operating parameters
  • New CEO announced: Paolo Paravento has been nominated as the new PerVoice CEO. He enthusiastically accepted the task of focusing the PerVoice business on the market and on the customer thanks to its experience gained as a Sales Manager for large Italian and international companies.
  • PerVoice contributed in developing the biggest OSINT system for the Italian Home Office
  • PerVoice developed its first ASR distributed system with cloud based application server.


  • The languages: Swedish, Hindi, Irish English, Francese, Danese, Dutch, Indian English has been released.
  • TvPresence released: a new paradigm in television monitoring aimed to pluralism and information impartiality.
  • Improved real time speech recognition technology.


  • The languages: Turkish, Indian English has been released.
  • PerVoice announces the introduction of two new technologies that significantly improve the performance of your system Audioma©-Box, both in terms of accuracy, both in terms of speed.
  • PerVoice participates in the project of STON RadioTelevision Flemish VRT and the Flemish government agency for scientific and technological innovation IWT.


  • Pervoice becomes member of FIBEP (Federation Internationale des Bureaux d'Extraits de Presse), the world's largest association for media intelligence and communications insight.
  • TVEyes - international leader in television monitoring based in the US - and Pervoice create TVEyes Language Technology which aims at the development of new languages ​​for control of broadcast content in the world.


  • Almawave arquires the majority of the share capital of PerVoice.
  • PerVoice sells 300thAudioma™ Box licences and delivers 13 languages.
  • In Brazil, a Telco starts to use Iride® Voice by Almawave, with PerVoice Speech-to-Text technology, for Speech Analytics in a Call Center.


  • Audioma™ Box receives the “Seal of Recognition” from the META (Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance) Technology Council for excellence in software, products, and services that actively contribute to the progress of a multilingual European information society.
  • PerVoice concludes a strategic agreement with TVEyes Inc., the worldwide leader in the field of broadcast monitoring.
  • PerVoice kicks off the European project EU-Bridge with 11 European partners. The project will play a lead role in the diffusion of technologies of transcription and translation in the field of subtitling, universities and parliamentary reports in Europe.


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  • The project Speech Analytics is completed, implemented under the ERDF Operational Programme 2007/2013 with the financial support of the European Regional Development Fund , the Italian State and the Province autonomous of Trento.


  • PerVoice kicks off WikiVoice. The goal of this new research project is to improve transcription for specific domains by providing users with a process for creating personalized language models.
  • PerVoice presents the PerVoice Subtitling Workstation. PSW lets broadcasters produce on-air subtitles by combining advanced technologies and ergonomic interfaces. 


  • PerVoice participates as a founding member of "Semantic Valley", a consortium dedicated to the development of language technologies.
  • PerVoice emphasizes its commitment to the automation of court transcripts, by participating at the 2nd Justice Exhibition in Rimini, with a stand for “The automatic transcription as a lever for innovation of Courts and Law Firms”.
  • PerVoice makes three new languages available: U.S. English, German and Danish.


  • PerVoice provides close captions services for “Porta a Porta”, one of RAI’s most popular TV programs. Three years of activity gave PerVoice extensive experience in pre-recorded subtitling.
  • British English (UK) and Spanish are available for PerVoice platforms Flyscribe and Audioma™ Box.


  • PerVoice releases Audioma™ Box, the first automatic stand-alone transcription system by PerVoice.
  • PerVoice opens the Flyscribe, the first Web portal for creating automatic transcriptions from spontaneous Italian speech.


  • Fondazione Bruno Kessler enters PerVoice as a shareholder.
  • In August PerVoice kicks off the project "Speech Analytics" , implemented under the ERDF Operational Programme 2007/2013 with the financial support of the European Regional Development Fund, the Italian State and the autonomous Province of Trento.
  • March 9: Industrial and financial partners from the Trentino region found PerVoice SpA.

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